Yoga Is Life

When I first sat down to write this piece I struggled with the thought that there is no way

Sight seeing in Cuba

for me to write this without it coming off as an advertisement for this business, and that was never my intention in writing these features.  I came to the conclusion, after much thought, that the real beneficiary of such an ad is you, the reader.  Even if you feel compelled to seek out her services, you will get much more value than your money is worth.  Let me assure you that I was not solicited to write this and I’m not receiving any form of compensation for its publication, regardless of any potential impact on the business.  My goal continues to be to introduce the community at large to individuals with stories that I find interesting.  Towards that end, I am pleased to introduce you to Adriana Chavez.


Adriana doing scorpion pose in the new studio

Balance, breath, strength, flexibility, awareness, composure:  these are just a few of the many gifts that Adriana freely bestows upon all who dare enter her secluded sanctuary on Mast Blvd.  Adriana represents the rarest type of businessperson in our current cultural landscape; she is observably more concerned with the health and well being of her clientele than she is about the mere pursuit of profit.  Even as yoga studios have proliferated recently,  Adriana still offers some of the most affordable classes and packages available in town, in addition to offering a Groupon, and an entire week of free yoga to new students.  She also offers classes for people interested in weight loss, nutrition, or meditation.  Anyone who is confused about how to improve their health, wellness, or fitness level would do themselves a favor by seeking the guidance of Adriana Chavez.

After a few years of honing her craft, teaching yoga at different gyms, Adriana started Every Body Yoga in 2015 with the mission of spreading the joy of yoga and healthy living to Santee.  She wanted to provide our town with its first dedicated studio for practicing the yogic arts.  In the studios’ early days it shared space with a youth group in a carpeted room not intended for or well suited to yoga.  Today, she has her dedicated space.  It is a small studio that Adriana has been able to design specifically around the comfort and serenity of her yogis.  Three distinct types of yoga, hatha, vinyassa, and yin are offered at Every Body Yoga.  Hatha is a bodyweight workout for strength and balance, vinyassa links many of the same poses to the breath for a more of a flow, and

Adriana and two students have fun with acro-yoga after class

yin is a relaxing practice designed to lengthen fascia and deepen stretches for increasing flexibility.  There are classes offered throughout the day, every day of the week to fit most schedules.

Students who have taken classes with Adriana are always quick to extol her virtues.  They are drawn to her energy because it is pure, honest and inspiring.  She has a knack for making people smile.  She also has a unique ability to push a person past their perceived limits without being forceful or domineering.  She prides herself in making every class a fun and unique experience in which each person can tailor the challenge to their personal level of development.  Newcomers practice side by side with yogis who have been practicing for years and no one feels excluded by or bored with the difficulty.

Handstand practice at Chichen Itza

When she isn’t teaching yoga, Adriana enjoys traveling and spending time with her boyfriend.  She recently visited Cuba and Central America on an epic vacation.  Her favorite part of traveling is getting out of the cities and seeing how people really live in different parts of the world.  Her already unique perspective is constantly evolving depending on her travels and the people she meets.   Her extra-curricular interests have been a new development in her life.  Until recently Adriana has been singularly focussed on increasing access to information and activities that will make people healthier.

I still remember my first yoga class.  I was amazed at how easy it was for some people to get in and out of the poses.  I have discovered that the poses are the easy part.  Yoga forces a deep, introspective, and honest, analysis of your physical and mental states that is difficult to reproduce.  It is as much an exercise for your mind as it is for your body.  To be intimidated by yoga is to be intimidated by yourself, and you are too smart to be the only thing standing in your way.  Adriana has removed every other possible impediment to you doing yoga, but if you are still unsure, she encourages you to contact her and discuss it.  I think that the world would be a better place if everyone did yoga, but Adriana really just wants people to be active.  “Some people don’t like yoga, and that’s fine.  Try jogging, try kickboxing, but this is a free week of yoga so try it instead of being bored.”


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